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Calling out to Y12 Maths Students

The Maths department is looking to set up a lunchtime club for students
This is going to involve fun maths activities (isn't that all of them I hear you cry), puzzles and games. If you are interested in helping out then see Mr Styles asap

The Missing Pound

This is a famous puzzle:

Three people are eating at a restaurant. The waiter gives them the bill, which totals up to £30. The three people decide to share the expense equally (£10 each), rather than figure out how much each really owes. The waiter gives the bill and the £30 to the manager, who sees that they have been overcharged. The real amount should be £25. He gives the waiter five £1 notes to return to the customers, with the restaurant's apologies. But, the waiter is a dishonest man. He puts £2 in his pocket, and returns £3 to the customers. Now, each of the three customers has paid £9, for a total of £27. Add the £2 that the waiter has stolen, and you get £29. But, the original bill was £30. What happened to the missing pound?

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