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Puzzle 1



Tucked away in the hills of Tuscany is monastery which has only a small number of monks living within its walls, each in his own room. How many rooms are there if the number of monks can be divided by eight and if there were four less rooms, the number of rooms could be divided by nine?



Puzzle 2 - The Young Hero



On a square island in the middle of a square lake, stood a magical castle camouflaged by trees and ivy. A young adventurer caught sight of it one day and hoping that he might find his Sleeping Beauty, he set out to reach it. The water was too dangerous to swim across and too wide to jump across and all he managed to get hold of were two branches which were almost but not quite long enough to stretch across the water. Suddenly he had a brainwave and crossed the water to the island and continued his quest. How did our young hero get across the water without getting wet, using the branches?



Puzzle 3



 You have three tankards which hold respectively eight pints, five pints and three pints. There are no measurements on these tankards, so the only exact quantities you can know are "full" and "empty". The tankard which holds eight pints is filled with liquid. Find the most efficient way, using these three tankards, to end up with exactly four pints of this liquid in each of the two larger tankards.



Puzzle 4 Happy Families



Twins Daphne and George were adopted at birth by different families. After years of searching for one another they made contact and arranged a reunion. Each took along one of their children - George took Gavin and Daphne took Louise. How many family relationships were represented at this meeting?

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