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PE students at the EIS

GCSE PE is a very popular course within school and one which the PE department is justifiably proud of. As a department we work hard to ensure that the GCSE PE students have a high profile within school. We try to ensure that they have access to the best teaching, coaching and facilities. We also expect in return that students who do GCSE PE help out with sport in school, utilising their considerable skills to develop other students.


GCSE PE is completely different to PE in KS3, GCSE students develop a variety of new skills; they analyse and improve others performance, they learn detailed information in a variety of sports. Each student is assessed in four sporting activities. The activities that we do with students in school are those that we have a history of doing particularly well in. Participation and a high level of effort are particularly important for students to reach their full potential. It may also be possible for students to be assessed in activities that they do outside of school. While we try to ensure that GCSE PE is a largely practical subject we do spend a considerable amount of time in the classroom developing knowledge of sport and how it effects the world around us. Students are monitored carefully on how well they are learning in lessons and they get regular feedback and support to ensure that they acheive their full potential.
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