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Welcome, here you will find information to support the projects.

These projects give you the chance to develop your PLaTS skills whilst learning more about the world around you.



Who am I? Who would I like to be? What about my community?
This year to improve our Creative Thinking skills we will...
...made Identity Hats to reflect what affects our identity
...start a tutor group sketchbook to record our interests, thoughts and feelings at the start of year 7.
How do we communicate? How have we communicated?
This is a mini-project to develop Indepdent Enquiry skills. This year we will learn techniques for finding and using information, alongside how communication has changed throughout history from talking to a few, to recording, to mass communication.


Enterprise education can help raise aspirations and develop valuable skills for both higher education and employment. We want to encourage innovation, creativity, risk-management, and a 'can-do' attitude and the drive to make ideas happen.

The students are expected to take personal responsibility for their own actions through an enterprise process that involves four stages: tackling a problem or need, planning the project or activity, putting the plan into action and evaluating the processes.


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