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A2 – Music


As for AS there are three areas that are examined.  All three areas carry equal weight.



  • One recital lasting about 12 mins.
  • Should be one long piece or a collection of pieces very closely related to each other, preferably all by the same composer.
  • Will be externally assessed.
  • Need to produce a “Performance Investigation” – an essay (approx 2500 words) in which you compare two or three professional recordings of the piece you are playing for your recital.  This will be handed to the examiner on the day of your recital but should be completed much sooner than this as it is part of the preparation process for tackling your recital.
  • Performance Investigation forms 35% of the available marks for this unit.



  • 2 commissioned pieces
  • 1st is a piece of vocal music based on a choice of 2 texts set by the board
  • Needs to include a commentary and examples of early drafts – important to know if you are working on Sibelius.
  • 2nd is a piece of music for a film based on a very detailed storyboard provided by OCR. This piece will last exactly 5 mins and there will be other, equally specific timings detailed throughout.
  • Both pieces need to be fully notated and recorded


Historical and Analytical Studies:

  • A 2 ½  hour exam in three sections.
  • 1st section consists of 2 listening exercises, the 1st based on a piece of vocal music 1900 – 1955 and the 2nd being completely random
  • 2nd section is based on set topic which is “The Integration of Music and Drama post 1955”.  This will be an essay based on a choice of three titles
  • 3rd section is another essay based on a choice of 5 questions.  The questions will be of a more general nature and might draw upon your knowledge of music in a wider context other than the topics you have studied. 


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