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Redbridge Community School Library and Information Centre - Parents Information

Library Opening hours are:

Monday - Thursday 8:45 - 1:00pm
1:30 - 4:00pm
  Friday 8:45 - 1:00pm
1:30 - 3:15pm

Welcome to the Library and Information Centre, which is room number C128 on the first floor of the school building. Here you will find books for every course–work subject, hobbies and novels. There are books for all reading levels. All pupils can use the library as soon as they enter year 7. They will need a library card.

Library Resources

In the Library there are:-

• Over 6,000 non-fiction and fiction books
Careers library and Videos
Resource files
Posters for projects and art
Daily Papers

Local Maps
Newspaper cuttings
10 Computers with a large selection of C.D. Roms for whole-class use
High speed laser printer
Careers information computer

Using The Library

1. How to Find a Non-Fiction Book (Information and True Facts)

The A-Z Index is on the counter, and each subject has a number by the side. Look on the top of the shelves that line the walls of the library, and you will see that they are numbered from 0-999. Find the number you are looking for, and then look at the numbers on the shelf-markers and on the spine of the books.

2. How to find a Fiction Book (Invented Story or Novel)

You will find these on shelves marked A-Z. They are filed in the author’s surname order
e.g.Roald Dahl will be on the "D" shelves, and Jacqueline Wilson on the "W" shelves.

This system of filing books is called the "Dewey" system, and is used in all schools and public libraries.

If a student has a problem finding a book the librarian will always help them.


Borrowing Books

Students can borrow two books at any one time, the librarian or a librarian helper must stamp them out at the desk.

Books can be stamped for 2-3 weeks and should be returned on or before the date stamped inside. They can be re-stamped if still needed.
Books on the shelves marked
‘Reference’ (e.g. Dictionaries and Encyclopedias) are for use in the library only.

Pupil Librarian Helpers

Without these wonderful volunteer helpers, break and lunchtimes in the library would be very difficult! They help to sign out books and file books onto shelves. At the moment ten pupils share the task, one helping every break and lunchtime.

A Few Simple Rules

1. All books must be signed out at the desk
2. No food or drink in this area please
3. Coats and bags should be left on the shelves inside the main door

The Library is a quiet place to read or study and all pupils have the right to work without being interrupted. Students should always be considerate towards other library users.

A  S P E C I A L I S T  S P O R T S  C O L L E G E

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