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12th March 2013: Snow Day!!!
Morning snow bound Foxes! Here is a list of useful things you can be getting on with in your cosy den today.
1. Remind your parents about our Egyptian assembly on Friday 15th at 2:30 sharp in the village hall.
2. Practise your narrator part and Seth, your dramatic outbursts!
3. Make your costume so it's ready for our dress rehearsal on THURSDAY. Check out some ideas on GOOGLE images 'Egyptian costume for kids'
4. Make an Egyptian collar / jewellery to go with your costume.
5. Rehearse our amazing Osiris
 Isis rap and recorder part if you have one at home.
6. As our swimming lesson is cancelled today practise your strokes whilst lying on a poof!
Ha ha only joking. But I used to do this when I was learning to swim.
7. Take a walk in the snow and enjoy the woods - look out for fox tracks. Dudley followed an interesting trail in my garden round the pond!
8. Write your next installment of your Egyptian story.
9. Find picture story books with moving parts and flaps for next weeks DT project.
See you soon Foxes and keep your paws warm!
Mrs Wastell X

Photo story
Our Activities of Term 3 and 4
Historical Story
Plays and dialogue
Consolidating methods :Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division Problem solving with all four number operations
Times tables targets
Fractions and Decimals
Angles, area, perimeter, carroll diagrams
Design and Technology: Levers in moving story books
Geography / History : Ancient Egyptians
P.E : Swimming, Dance, Football
P.S.H.C.E : Good to be me / Keeping safe
I.C.T : Egyptian multimedia presentation
Music : Recorder / Singing
Science : Keeping warm / Solids and Liquids
Art: Masks
Trips/Special Days: Egyptian Assembly Friday 15th 2:30p.m ( Doors open at 2:10)
Egyptian Day -Archeologist visits Friday 22nd March
Foxes experienced a brilliant day out at Eastbourne Aegon International Tennis tournament. Here are pictures of the future stars of the tennis circuit and amazingly some current stars. It was a fantastic bonus to watch Serena Williams on centre court. Wow!

Our Class Gallery 2010 -2011

Our Ancient Egyptian project culminated in a wonderful "Egyptian Day". Our thanks go to Mr Scott of the Sussex College of Ancient and Classical Archaeology, and to all parents and friends who so generously supplied the wonderful costumes and food.

We have been having great fun making Egyptian masks, cartouches and canopic jars for our Ancient Egyptian topic.

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