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We follow the Golden rules to promote good behaviour and to provide a supportive environment for our children:

Do be gentle Do not hurt anybody

Do be kind and helpful Do not hurt people’s feelings

Do work hard Do not waste your or other people’s time

Do look after property Do not waste or damage things

Do listen to people Do not interrupt

Do be honest Do not cover up the truth






A positive behaviour plan consists of three parts:




Positive recognition includes:


§         Verbal praise

§         Stickers

§         Reward board

§         Work shown to Head

§         Certificates

§         House points

§         Badges

§         Golden time

§         Other strategies will be used from time to time to maintain pupil engagement



Creating Golden Time


Golden Time is a regular slot of free time, during which pupils can choose a ‘special’ educational activity. This privilege time is seen as a reward for all children who uphold the Golden Rules. Loss of this privilege time can be used as an effective consequence. Examples of activities for privilege time are:



Consequence Hierarchy


§         1st time  pupil breaks a rule: verbal warning given

§         2nd time: First warning recorded on housepoint sheet

§         3rd time: second mark recorded on housepoint sheet = 5 minutes loss of play / golden time

§         4th time: 15 minutes ‘time out’ in adjacent class or loss of a minimum of 15 minutes playtime/lunchtime (until child has calmed down) plus after time out during a lunch or break time complete Behaviour Reflection Sheet.

§         5th time: Sent to Headteacher / Senior teacher (with reflection sheet)

§         6th Letter home from Head / SMT this may include an exclusion


Challenging behaviour


In the case of persistent inappropriate behaviour where a pupil may find it difficult to respond to the system of rewards and consequences the following actions may be taken.


Stage 1:

a)      Class teacher will speak to the pupil

b)      Class teacher will monitor behaviour for a fixed period of time (e.g. 1 week)

c)      Use individual contracts / behaviour scheme as appropriate


Stage 2:

a)      Record incidents using the Behaviour sheets at back of the SEN file

b)      Child placed on Report – discussed with parents

c)      Head / SENCO to observe behaviour

d)      SENCO put child on SEN register and help class teacher to gather information and assess the child’s needs

e)      Decision made whether to start IEP


Stage 3:

a)      Continue to record incidents using the Behaviour sheets

b)      Request permission from parents for outside agency involvement

c)      Pupil referred to outside agencies


Stage 4:

a)      Application made for a statutory assessment (once all other avenues have been explored)


Stage 5:

a)      Exclusion (any decision to exclude a child would be based on the serious misbehaviour guidelines detailed below)

Serious Misbehaviour


In the case of serious and persistent disruptive classroom behaviour a child will lose the right to proceed through the hierarchy of consequences and be removed from the classroom situation and sent straight to the Head Teacher. The decision to take such action will be made when a child’s behaviour:


a)                  is not compatible with the provision for the efficient education of other children with whom the child in question is being educated.

b)                  involves serious, actual or threatened violence against another pupil or a member of staff

c)                  puts him/herself, other pupils, members of staff or the wider community at risk of serious harm or injury


(See main policy document for further guidance on what constitutes serious misbehaviour).


 In such cases the parents will be informed & the child will be sent home with the parents.


A decision whether to exclude the child for a further fixed period of time or to permanently exclude the child will then be taken.

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