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Brookfield Community School Careers Education and Guidance

KS3 Student Entitlement


Brookfield Community School will provide you with a programme of Careers Education and Guidance.


This will allow you to have access to


Careers related activities in the PD Programme

Support with KS4 Option choices

Opportunities to record your achievement and plan for the future

Careers Guidance from Connexions Personal Advisers

Opportunities to develop the skills you need to manage your career and transition from school to work.


This means you should be able to gain the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about your own future.  You will be offered various opportunities to practise your skills in order to make plans and act upon these to achieve your future aims


You will have access to up-to date careers information and help with recording your achievements and planning how to achieve your personal, educational and vocational goals.


You will have a planned programme to guide you to make suitable choices for your KS4 courses


Connexions Personal Advisers will be available to give help where needed

Careers Education and Guidance at Brookfield Community School in KS3 is supported by


The PD programme

Work with form tutors

Work with Connexions Personal Advisers

Assemblies, displays, visits, work with adults other than teachers, Options evening, taster courses, Gifted and Talented Programme, Mentoring

Review Days

Extra curricular activities



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