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Welcome to Red Hill's Numeracy area
 TEACHERS: here is a link to the useful Interactive Teaching Programs   and the Standards Files
Children:  click here or use the Maths games link at the top left of this page to find lots of great games which will help your learning.
Message for Parents and Carers: 
Not sure how we teach calculations nowadays?
look in the folder on the top left of this page - this gives you stage by stage progression (these are linked to year groups but are called stages because your child could be working above or below their actual year group)
here are links to lots of sites where you can practice and develop your maths/numeracy skills! :
There are lots more activities and games to be found on links from this site :
just scroll down to find what you would like to practice! Have fun!
year 6 Revision for SATs - some good sites for you to try! :
In Key Stage 1 we use a resource called Numicon - find out more about it here :
                     using numicon