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Learning Support

(Special Educational Needs)...



We are committed to the principles of Equal Opportunities, Inclusion and Disability Equality.  Modifications to the building have been made in order to accommodate students with physical and/or sensory impairment, such that all areas of the school are accessible.


Three different groups of staff are represented within the Learning Support Team:


       Specialist teachers in Learning Support

       Specialist Teacher of English as a second language (Part-time) 

       Teaching Assistants


Students who experience problems with their learning are quickly identified and assessed, so that the right kind of intervention can be used.


The person responsible for co-ordinating provision for students with special educational needs is D Feltham, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO).  Copies of the school's policy on Special Educational Needs are available on request from the school office.  Maximum participation of parents in partnership with the school is encouraged and concerned parents should contact year tutors in the first instance.


Students with special educational needs are the responsibility of class teachers who are assisted in a number of ways by learning support staff.  This ensures that students have access to the school curriculum.


Assistance is provided through:


       liaison with subject staff to organise programmes of study for specific problems 

       in-class support, provided by teaching staff or Teaching Assistants 

       advisory help to develop resources and expertise to meet the special educational   needs of students 

       facilitating the development of Individual Education Plans.


The Faculty has well-established links with primary schools and outside agencies.

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