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Focus area
What do we want to do?
Who's going to do it?
How will we know if it worked?
Energy saving
  • Work out how much energy we use around school.
  • Encourage teachers to photocopy less.
  • Make posters and put them around school to remind everyone to turn off computers and lights when they're not being used.

Reducing waste
  • Encourage people to use both sides of every piece of paper.
  • Encourage people to leave only clean plates at lunchtime!
  • Use our fruit and lunchtime waste in compost bins to feed the food we grow.

Healthy living
  • Healthy lunchbox awards
  • Lots of fruit and vegetables!

  • Make bird feeders for the winter months
  • Find out more about the wildlife that lives in our wildlife garden and vegetable garden, so we can look after them.

Reduce litter
  • Litter picking - children take turns to patrol the fields
  • Encourage children not to drop litter in the first place!

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