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BECTA is the Government's lead partner in the strategic development and delivery of its e-strategy for the schools and the learning and skills sectors. Becta provides strategic leadership in the innovative and effective use of ICT to enable the transformation of learning, teaching and educational organisations for the benefit of every learner.


Becta supports the DfES strategy for all schools to have access to a Learning Platform and online Learning Space by 2007-2008.


Becta have been present at all of the Learning Platform Conferences throughout the year and have highlighted a number of key teaching and learning objectives that Learning Platforms enable and support.


·         Informal Learning out of hours and being able to capture this learning

·         Anytime, Anywhere Learning

·         Sharing Best Practice effectively and efficiently

·         Involvement of pupils in their own learning

·         The increased motivation of pupils through the ownership of  
    their own learning


Becta advises schools to evaluate what stage they are at now in terms of ICT.

Schools should be asking themselves:


‘What does teaching and learning look like in my school?’

‘What do I want it to look like in 3 months…6 months…12 months?’


In order for schools to be able to do this Becta is providing several avenues of support:


Click here for Becta’s Review Matrix – School ICT Self Evaluation Tool
Click here for Becta’s – Introduction to Learning Platforms
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