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  Tom at Woodingdean Primary School.
The Best of Tom
I was busy writing stories for two years, telling you all about my adventures. I  had lots of fun but there were some sad times as well.  
   You can read and listen to all of my stories if you click on the links down the side, but here are some of my favourites.
 Or you can hear me speak!   Talking Tom
If you have a log in you can  Write to Tom  here.
Autumn Term stories 2010              Autumn term 2010
Spring term stories 2010             
Summer term stories 2009            
Click the arrow to hear Tom talk
You can hear Tom's stories by clicking on the arrows on each page or you can read them to yourself.
If you go to a primary school in Brighton and Hove you will be able to write to Tom and write to other people who listen to his stories. If you are outside of Brighton and Hove please click on this link to request an account.
Tom is a five year old border collie who lives in Brighton.  His first stories were in the booklet Tom's Tales which is available in primary schools across Brighton and Hove. Tom was helped to write these stories by teachers in The Language and Literacy Support Service (LLSS). These early stories are also available to use with Clicker 5 which is an educational software package incorporating sound effects and video clips.
Many children enjoyed reading Tom's stories. To maintain interest and as an extension activity Tom now has a weekly blog during term time. There children can catch up with his latest adventures on line. Using their school log in they can write back to him or by using the forum write to children in other schools. This promotes interest in writing for a purpose.
Tom sometimes visits pupils in school to encourage them to keep trying hard, he always receives an enthusiastic welcome. He also sends children a postcard when he goes on holiday in the summer and a card at Christmas.

Letters and Sounds
The government produced the national strategy Letters and Sounds to promote high quality phonics teaching in primary schools. As well as phonics the strategy also specifies the high frequency words which children need to learn if they are to become competent readers.
The literacy teachers in the Language and Literacy Support Service ( LLSS) developed materials to support the use of the strategy with children who have literacy difficulties in schools in Brighton and Hove.
Teaching words in context helps to make them more accessible to children. The high frequency words were divided into lists and a series of booklets and activities were produced to support the different lists. Tom's Tales was written to help teach some of the words in the early lists.
Reading about and then meeting Tom, has given some children renewed motivation. A weekly blog with an interactive element  helps to keep them focussed and engaged in their learning.
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