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We hope you will find these "How to..." guides useful. You can view the guides from the links in the resources navbar on the left or from the list below. Each guide opens in a new window. Maximise the window if the guide is hard to see.
How to... What it's about
... log in Sounds simple. Here's some help if you get stuck
... activate or suspend users We suggest you suspend user accounts until you are ready to use them. Here's how.
... activate ePortfolios
ePortfolios are not enabled by default - you need to turn them on. Here's how.
(This video may stall half-way through. Just click the play button to get it going again.)
... resize images Size matters and small is beautiful. Large image files will make your page load slowly. This guide tells you how to resize your images so they load as quickly as possible.
... add a help or alert button to your cLc We want the learning platforms to be places children feel safe online. This guide tells you how you can make a button for children to report anything they are worried about on the learning platform
... change passwords

You can change the password for a single user, or for a lot of users at once.

... make a custom page You can create a custom page in any group if you only want a page-worth of information and don't need all the other features of a group, such as calendar, news and resource folders.
... upload a picture Make your pages more attractive and easier to read by uploading pictures directly onto the page.
... upload a file How to upload files either as stand-alone resources or as media to be used on one or more other pages.
... assign a task Tasks are ideal for setting homework, but they take a fair bit of setting up. Don't be shy - take the plunge into the wonderful world of tasks with this guide.
... upload a SCORM resource

This guide will show you how to upload a SCORM resource to the learning platform and how to make it available to learners.

... share resources If you have created a great wiki or other resource, it may be worth making a copy before you start using it with the pupils. That way you get to keep your ‘clean’ template for use again later. You can also share your resource with other groups of children, classes or schools
... subscribe to an RSS feed Resource folders can be published as web feeds. This guide tells you how to subscribe to one to see updated content automatically
... embed a video from another site Some websites allow you to embed videos directly in your own webpages. This guide shows you how to do it.
... make a wordle Wordle is an online tool for making 'word clouds'. It's easy to use, but doesn't let you save the result as a picture to use on your page. This guide tells you how to use Wordle, and how to save the result as an image.
... make and use a wiki
What are wikis and how can you add one to your learning platform?
Thanks to Naomi McCarthy at Patcham Infant School for this guide.
... make and use a forum There are so many ways to use a forum, they could have a whole set of guides. This guide, by Naomi McCarthy at Patcham Infant School, shows you how to set up and use a validated forum for 'hot-seating' a character.
... use an image as a link You’re probably familiar with using the hyperlink button to make a link, but did you know you can use an image as well as text for the link? This guide shows you how to upload an image and use it as a link.
What other guides would you like to see here? Please send us your suggestions.
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The cLc v1.9 Release Notes page on cLc success tells you about the new features in this release.
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