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Please feel free to ask questions
about the VLE. If you're stuck,
need tips or just want to improve
your homepage. Also any ideas
about improving the school homepage will be great.
So to do this go to the VLE Ambassadors- help page.

The VLE Ambassadors were proud to be awarded a Highly Commended Award in Uniservity's 2011 VLE Awards.
By using this VLE you are agreeing to:
  •   Always log out after you have finished using the site.
  • Use appropriate language e.g. not text language.
  •  Only use appropriate pictures and videos. 
  •  Respect other people‚Äôs sites.
  •  Have fun but be sensible. 
  •  Only put friendly and suitable comments using the communication tools
  • Refer to VLE ambassadors for help



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I Am Learning 3.0!

Visit this exciting new online learning resource! It is filled with fun games that will help you revise.
click on to go the website.
Top Tips for use:
  • To stop the game just click finish or close it.
  • Don't forget to log out.
  • You can see your progress by looking on My Grades
  • Don't waste your credits as you only have 600 at the start - think about which games you want!
  • To prepare for tests you can use revision.
  • Win games to earn more credits.

by Rachel, Nikki and Holly