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Who's Who and What they do!
Learning Support Team (LST) - are a team of specialist professionals skilled at working with pupils who have a wide range of special educational and learning needs who provide:
  • An intervention service for pupils at School Action Plus offering assessment, advice, and models of good practice and support.
  • Monitoring of the progress of pupils with a Statement of Special Educational Needs when LST are named in the statement.
Behavioural Support Team (BST) - work in Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) and as Outreach staff. Staff based in PRUs teach pupils who have been excluded from school and those with extreme vulnerablilties. They provide access to a full-time curriculum and help to improve emotional well-being, so that the pupil may be integrated back into mainstream school or to continue in education. Outreach teachers work in schools to support pupils who present with challenging behaviour.
Educational Psychologist (EP) -
Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) - provide a speech and language therapy service prioritising children aged 0-3. The service will see older children if they:
  • have complex Speech and Language difficulties
  • attend a specialist provision, eg. Special Schools, I-CAN, Autism Bases and Child Development Centres
  • they have a statement of Special educational needs specifying Speech and Language therapy.
Integrated Specialist Support Services (ISSS) - offer support to parents,carers, early years settings and schools for children with a range of disabilities and additional needs. This includes support for:
  • Visually Impaired Children and Students
  • Hearing Impaired Children and Students
  • Multi-sensory Impaired Children
  • Children with a Medical Condition which prevents school attendance
  • Children and Students with an Autiostic Spectrum Condition
  • Children requiring Alternative and Augmentative Communication/Assitive ICT
Communication And Social Behaviour Assessment Team - is a group of health and education specialists with an expertise in children and young people with communication and social behaviour problems. The team will:
  • Assess children with social, communication and behaviour problems
  • Work with the child and his/her family alongside the school, health services and voluntary groups to meet the needs of the child
  • Advise on the management and provision of services in the child's local area
Occupational Therapist
Physiotherapist -