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Welcome to Miss Smith’s Class!

We love learning in Reception!

 We have been learning to recognise phonemes, we blend them together to help us read and segment words to help us to write.

Sometimes Miss Smith lets us get messy! We love to practise forming letters.



We are really good at retelling stories. Harry read Goldilocks to us, it was fantastic!


We can use microphones to record our stories and songs.




We like using lots of different things to help us in Maths.

Grace and Kian counted the skittles they knocked down and then counted how many they had left!



Lewis rolled a dice, counted the dots, made 6 footballs and then found a 6 on his number fan.

 Tristyn is putting four candles on his birthday cake.


George drew a hopscotch grid and wrote the numbers in all by himself!

We are good friends and love to help each other.


We also love to play together!
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