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The Sustainable Schools strategy of the The Department for Children, Families and Schools (DCFS) aims to empower children to lead sustainable lives by teaching them the skills and behaviours needed to become part of the solution to the world's big challenges, rather than part of the problem.
Sustainable Schools are about helping young people and improving the communities and environments in which they live. By becoming sustainable, a school can save money, improve the health, fitness and emotional well being of its pupils, and contribute to local social and environmental goals.
For full details see the Sustainable Schools website.
What is a Sustainable School?
A Sustainable School prepares young people for a lifetime of sustainable living, through its teaching, fabric and its day-to-day practices.
It is guided by a commitment to care:
  • care for ourselves (our health and well-being)
  • care for others (across cultures, distances and generations) 
  • care for the planet (both locally and globally)
A Sustainable School puts a high value on the well-being of its pupils and the school environment. It is also a great place to learn, where pupils develop self-esteem and reach high standards of achievement.

Support for Sustainable Schools
Brighton & Hove City Council offers a range of support across many teams.
Sustainable Schools Resources
The Sustainability Team has a library of curriculum resources for loan to Brighton & Hove teachers. Choose your resource from the Sustainable Schools resources list and email your request. If your chosen resource is available it will be sent to you via the council courier. Please note that resources are loaned on a termly basis and the Council reserves the right to charge schools for replacement of lost items.
If you cannot find what you're looking for, or are seeking advice on a particular topic, please visit the sustainable schools forum.
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