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We follow the AQA Specification B Course for English Language A Level.
The aim of the course is to develop the understanding and appreciation of English through learning about its structures and its functions, its developments and its variations.  This is achieved through the study of how society influences language, how children learn to speak and what causes language to change.  Texts are analysed in order to examine how language is used for a variety of purposes.  There are also lots of opportunities to write for different audiences and in many styles.


At AS Level students study two units:
Unit 1: Categorising Texts - assessed by 2 hour exam.
Text Varieties and Language and Social Contexts
- including Language and Gender, Language and Power, Language and Technology.
Unit 2: Creating Texts - assessed by two pieces of coursework.
Two pieces of original writing, differentiated by audience, purpose and genre (1500-2500 words in total). 
Two commentaries which explore the writing process and assess the success of the piece. (1000 words in total).
At A2 Level students study two units:
Unit 3: Developing Language - assessed by 2 and a half hour exam.
- Language Aquisition, Language Change.
Unit 4: Investigating Language - assessed by two pieces of coursework.
A Language Investigation (1750-2500 words. )
A Media Text (750-1000 words).


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