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Year 7

Science Project


Spring term









How does an ice cube melt?


Task: Draw a poster that explains why an ice cube melts when left out of the freezer. Use the Big Idea of Particles to explain why the ice cube melts.



Help: “How does an ice cube melt?” level 3 – 5 or 5 – 7 worksheet.
















Is space safe?

There have been at least five in-flight disasters that killed all crew.

Is space travel too risky?


Your first task

  • Produce a bar chart, pie chart or line graph for each set of data below.
  • Give a title to each chart or graph.
  • For each chart or graph, explain why you chose the method of presentation.

 Mission Far Side plans to make a metal probe to look for signs of life on another planet or moon in our Solar System. On its journey, the metal will heat up and cool down many times.


Your second task

  • Collect primary data. Aim to collect reliable data.

 Help: “Homework 1 & 2 sheet”









Summer term;

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