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This section is written by parents for parents.  We hope to be able to show you ways you can help yourself and your teenagers cope with problems that may come to light over the next few years as your son/daughter grows and passes into the troubled teenage years.


What is it that turns our teenagers into aliens that we don’t recognise anymore?


We hope to shed a little light on why this may happen, why conflict maybe an ever increasing occurrence, and how easy it is to stop talking and listening to each other.


This is not about telling you what to do with your child; just pointers that may help in you understand your teenager.  Showing you ways you may be able to stop some of the conflicts and misunderstandings within your home.

Click the following links for information on each section: 

The Job of Being a Parent

Job Description of a Parent

Consider Your Own Teenage Years

Listening Skills

Give Me a Break

Did our Parents do a Good Job?

Key Online, Text and Telephone Support Services for Families


If you have any specific issues that you would like to raise, then  please email Team Redbridge at the following address.

Contacting the Hampton Trust

If you would like to know more about the 'Parent Support Groups' please contact:

THe Hampton Trust

Fairways House

Mount Pleasant Road


SO14 0QB

Telephone Number:02380 213520

Fax Number: 02380 213530

Email Address:


All the information in this section is available to download as word documents, simply click the links below or in the resources section on the left hand side of the screen.

Team Redbridge Listening Skills
The Job of Being a Parent Give Me a Break
Job Description of a Parent Did Our Parents do a Good Job?

Consider Your Own Teenage Years

Key Support Services for Families


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