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Hondoras Trip
are being uploaded now. If I don't have them yet for the website please e-mail me them. Thanks

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20/7/09   13:57
I'll update this as often as I can get near a computer. Hope everyones ready for the early start.
Mr A.Petty
8.36am {Honduras time}
At the hotel in San Pedro waiting for the coaches. One has already arrived but the second is delayed at the minute. Everything went without a hitch on the flights over, one bag is didn't get transfered from miami but we don't need it till the second week so very confident we'll see it again soon. Everyone looking a little tired, but we're looking forward to getting to the mountain base camp and should be leaving the hotel any time now. Breakfast at the hotel was pretty good and was the last meal not based on rice and beans we'll have in a while. Mobile phones do not work here, but we'll hopefully have internet access at base camp.
25/7/09  3.34pm Difficult to get internet access in a Jungle hampered further by the fact I can only use it in the two hours that the generator at base camp is running. Been very, very busy, and eveything has gone without any problems. All the students have climbed 100ft up into the canopy using the same team that did the ropes for BBC's Planet Earth. We've been out searching for Bats, reptiles and small mammals with the research teams. Everyone has been swimming in water fall plunge pools, and generally enjoying the beautiful scenery and weather. The last three nights have been spent staying with Honduran families in a village on the edge of the jungle giving the students an insight into real Honduran life. We are now in the core of the forest at 'base camp'. Some of the students who still have the energy are going to stay in Hammocks in the Jungle close to the howler Monkeys while the rest are searching for more bats (including massive fruit bats and vampire bats) with the Bat research team at dusk. The occasional blister aside all the students are having a great time. I'm with the base camp group for the next couple of days so will update again soon.
27/7/09 3.10pm
We've been out with the bat team and caught, measured and stroked bats last night. Been putting dung beetles in mazes and discovering they really aren't the smartest animals this morning as well as generally relaxing around base camp. Going out to swim in a river now, then looking for birds at 5pm then more bat catching in the evening. The other group will rejoin us early tomorrow when we are taking part in the Cusuco base camp olympics and then having a bbq in the evening. We move to the islands early on wednesday and can't promise I'll be able to get internet access again now until we arrive back in San Pedro in a weeks time. Already met some of the dive instructors earlier on in the week and sounds like the diving will be amazing off the island we are going to.
Sorry about the small text last time. Had to edit the page using a non-explorer web browser which didn't seem to like the school website. We of course won the Cusuco Olympics. A Miss Watkin bin bag Tuxedo creation on Gwen is worth searching through the hundreds of student photos alone. On the island now. It's beautiful but everyone is being eaten alive by sand flies which appear to have no fear of any amount of DEET. The students are all snorkling or diving and Mr Arnold is chasing snakes around the Islands Jungle centre. The food here is very good and we even get a meat dish once a day! The dive schedule makes our time here very hectic and it's rare to see either staff or students up past 9.30pm. We are going to a BBQ on monday afternoon before we start the trip back to San Pedro early tuesday. The weather is a little windy, but generally very hot and sunny. The trip is going very, very fast which can only be a good sign.
We're back in the hotel in San Pedro. We had a BBQ on the last night on an island that being only 100ft wide and 2 ft high will probably not cope well with global warming but had a beautiful view and mangrove trees with baby fish. We watched the sunset as we came back towards our own little piece of beach and realised we have been very lucky to be here. Not looking forward to the long journey home or the early start {we leave here at 4.30am tomorrow}. This will be my last post before we get back to blighty and until I manage to collect some photos together when I'll make a gallery on this page.
 It's been a pleasure bringing the students away, behaviour has been impeccable without exception and everyone has had a good time. See you all in a couple of days.

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