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Homework - ILA's and Revision Sheets    

ILA stands for INDEPENDENT LEARNING ASSIGNMENT!  All KS3 Science modules have an ILA.   The ILAs provide challenging, interesting and varied homeworks. They make science more relevant to every day life.  The ILAs give students the opportunity to develop important key skills e.g. ICT, literacy and numeracy.  They will also support the development of independent learning skills (research skills, time management and other study skills).


Students will usually be given 2 weeks to complete each ILA (year 9 some times 1 ½ weeks depending on size of module).  Deadline dates are displayed in class.  Students will be awarded a score for each ILA they complete.


REVISION SHEETS have also been written for every KS3 Module.  Learn them off by heart.  Get your friends & family to test you!

Mislaid your ILA or Revision Sheet?  Click on the the folder icon for your Year ILAs found in the box, top left hand corner of this page.   









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