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Florida Keys

L1 - Akuna Matata    CS: Mass tourism, tropical, management          
Aim - are there really no worries about visiting Kenya?
         (pg. 234) (pg. 242 , 243, 244 , 245 )
L2 - Cedar View, in Lebanon  - CS: how tourism benefits               
Aim - how important is tourism to Lebanon?
           pg. 235  236,  237
L3 - Weymouth: a coastal resort                                                       
Aim - Does Dubai mean the end of the British beach holiday?
           pg. 238  pg. 239
L4 - Butler Model in Weymouth                                                         
Aim - what phases do tourist resorts go through?
           pg. 240  pg. 241
L5 - Weymouth 2012              CS: Threats / challenges to tourism      
Aim - what can change Weymouth's fortunes?
           pg. 238
L6 - Machu Picchu        CS: Tropical & extreme threats/managemen  
Aim - do we 'love Machu Picchu to death'?
           pg. 246 for extreme env's  pg. 242 for mass tourism
L7 - Green Tourism in Belize       CS: tropical, eco/sustainable        
Aim - how we get sustainable mass tourism?
           pg. 248  pg. 249 - Masai, use this earlier too
L8 - Extremely Cool     CS: Extreme -attraction and management      
Aim - why are venture capitalists suddently interested in Antarctica
           pg. 246  pg. 247
L9 - Responsible Tourism   CS: Responsible Tourism                     
Aim - how is responsible tourism better than ecotourism


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