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Exam board: OCR 
Religious Studies A
Year 10                                          
Christianity 1
Topic 1                                                              
Core Beliefs                                                      
The Apostles' Creed                                                           
The Holy Trinity                                                                
God the Father                                                                     
God the Son                                                                        
God the Holy Spirit                                                             
Sin, judgement and forgiveness                                             
Salvation and eternal life
Frameworks for living: Ten Commandments; two Great Commandments; Sermon on the Mount
Topic 2                                                              
Special Days and Pilgrimages                          
Holy Week and Easter                                                         
Easter Sunday and Pentecost                                                
Christmas and Epiphany                                                      
Sundays and Saints' Days                                                 
Places of pilgrimage: Israel, Lourdes, Rome and Walsingham
Topic 3                                                           
Major divisions and interpretations            
How did Christian denominations come into being?             
The Roman Catholic Church                                             
The Orthodox Church                                                       
Protestant Churches                                                          
Churches working together: ecumenism
Ecumenical communities: Taize, Iona and Corymeela
Challenges facing the Christian Church
Perspectives on World Religions  
Topic 1
Responsibility for the planet
Christian teachings about the origins of the world and humanity
Religion and science: Big Bang and evolution
The place of humanity in relation to animals
Responses to environmental issues
Topic 2
War, peace and human rights
Attitudes to war and violence
How does the Bible influence Christians about war, peace and justice?
What do Christians believe about a just war, pacifism and violence?
Human rights
Topic 3
Prejudice and equality
What is equality?
Discrimination because of colour and race
Discrimination because of gender
Attitudes towards other religions
Year 11                                         
Christianity 2                                 
Topic 1                                                          
Places and forms of worship                                   
Where and why do Christians worship?                            
What does a church look like?                                         
Inside a church                                                               
Inside a Roman Catholic church                                       
Inside an Orthodox church                                               
Inside a Nonconformist church
Public acts of worship: Eucharist/Holy Communion
Forms of Christian worship
The role of religious leaders in worship
Topic 2                                                           
Religion in the faith community and the family 
Showing commitment to Christianity: baptism and confirmation                                 
Christian beliefs about marriage                                        
Christian beliefs about death
Funeral rites                                                                    
The nurture of the young and the role of the family            
Christian teaching about charity and concern for others
Religious communities
Topic 3                                                           
Sacred writings                                             
What makes a book or writings sacred?                               
What makes the Bible important to Christians?                   
Why is the New Testament important to Christians?           
How the Bible is used by Christians in worship                   
How the Bible is used in private worship                            
How does the Bible help to develop Christian belief?
How do Christians show respect to the Bible?
Is the Bible true?
Ethics 1 
Topic 1
Religion and human relationships
Roles of men and women in a Christian family
Marriage and marriage ceremonies
Sexual relationships and contraception
Topic 2
Religion and medical ethics
Attitudes to abortion
What do Christians believe about fertility treatment?
Attitudes to euthanasia and suicide?
Do animals have rights?
Topic 3
Religion, poverty and wealth 
Christian beliefs about the causes of hunger, poverty and disease
Religious views about poverty and wealth
Concern for others
Moral and immoral occupations
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