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Welcome To 4W
Spring Term
This term we have been exploring India, particularely focussing on a village called Chembakolli.
Can you find Chembakolli on this map?
What is one of the jobs people have in Chembakolli?
Can you name three similarities between Chembakolli and Redditch?
Can you think of three differences between Chembakolli and redditch?
What is the capital city of India?
Can you see which countries border India?
What is the population of India?
Pointalism - ICT
 We have also been researching the art technique of pointalism which uses dots to create scenes. We tried this technique in ICT and recreated some interesting images using only different coloured dots.
Bart Simpson by Lewis Morgan
Darth Vadar by James Hulland
 Bunny Rabbit by Ellie Brazier