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Admission / Transfer at other times

Applying at a time other than at normal age of entry
If you would like to apply for a place at Hagley Primary School at a time other than at normal age of entry into the Reception year (mid year into Reception or at any time into Years 1 - 6), you will need to fill in a ‘CA1’ application  form. 
If you live in Worcestershire you can download a CA1 form from the Worcestershire County Council website:

If you live outside Worcestershire, you must obtain a CA1 application form from the council where you live (your "Home" Local Authority).
Once completed the CA1 form should be forwarded to your Current Home Authority Admissions Team to be processed. 

You will then be contacted and notified of the decision - normally within 10 school days of the form being received. 

Where it is not possible to offer a place, parents will be notified of the right of an appeal on behalf of the relevant admission authority, and in most cases an alternative school will be offered. You can also apply for your child to be added to the school's waiting list.




If you are notified that there are currently no spaces in the requested year group you can ask for your child to be added to the relevant year group Waiting List. 
Waiting Lists for all Worcestershire Voluntary Controlled Schools and Community Schools (of which Hagley Primary is one) are maintained by the Pupil Admissions and Transfers Section at WCC and parents need to apply directly to WCC in order to be included. 
Please Note: 
Waiting lists are only maintained until the end of each term.  At that stage they will be discarded and parents will need to reapply at the start of the following term if they wish to be included.
The positional placing of applicants on the waiting lists is strictly determined by the Worcestershire County Council Admissions Criteria - places are not allocated on a 'first come first served' basis. 
This means that an applicant's position on the list is constantly subject to change as other applicants are added/removed from a list and/or if there is a change in any of the applicants' circumstances (i.e. a house move or sibling entering school etc.)

For more information on Worcestershire School Admissions and Appeals:
01905 822700
School Admissions Team
Children's Service Directorate
PO Box 73
If, when a place becomes available, there is a waiting list for that year group, the place will be offered to the applicant at the top of the list
When there are more applications than places, children are admitted according to the following Worcestershire County Council criteria:
Relevant Looked After Children
Children living within the catchment area who also have a sibling in school (sibling must be in school at the time of application and still be attending at the time of admission)
Children living within the catchment area of the school 
Children living outside of catchment but who have a brother or sister in school (sibling must be in school at the time of application and still be attending at the time of admission)
Children who have a significant reason for admission.  These will be validated by the Directorate of Educational Services and will include medical, social or compassionate grounds.  Supporting information needs to be attached to the application form
Distance from school


A Child with a Statement of Special Educational Needs will be offered a place at the school named in the Statement

When applications are being considered, each of the above categories is taken in order as outlined above.


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