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Eco-Schools, Numeracy & Travel to School Project
To make links between the Eco-Schools scheme and the Primary Framework for Mathematics – with a particular focus on sustainable travel and carbon footprints;
* To plan a unit of work from the new Primary Framework for Mathematics so that the objectives can be taught, as far as possible in a way which combines skills and knowledge. This unit of work can be used during maths lessons in lieu of Block C without extra preparation by the class teacher.
To support schools to use their travel plan as a resource for lessons so that it can be revisited and updated by the pupils.
* To enable the children to use their thinking skills.

Gather/Organise:How do you travel to school?
Surveying, Identifying Patterns, Comparing Data Sets

Identify:What will you tell your class about the way people travel to your school?
Data Gathering, Surveying, Conclusions & Exceptions

Generate: How can we make it safer for people to walk to school?
Carroll Diagram, Sorting & Presenting Data

Decide: Would you be able to walk 800m to school?
Estimating, Planning an Investigation, Gathering Data & Analysing the Results

Evaluate: At our school, do more than 1/2 the pupils walk to school?
Survey, Data Analysis

Evaluate: What have we learned?
Data Conclusions, Data Analysis, Decisions.

Abbot's Hall Primary School have tried this project out "offline".
You can read the summaries of their tasks below.
To read Abbot's Hall Primary School's whole project experience: Read this first 
Task 1 guidance
Task 2 guidance
Task 3 guidance
Task 4 guidance
Task 5 guidance
Task 6 guidance

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This resource has been produced using output from the
Suffolk School Travel Health Check, undertaken by Knowledge Mappers Ltd
These are some of the resources used by other schools that you might find helpful.

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