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Controlled Assessment

Unit A452: Current trends in computing

The information requirements for the first controlled assessment will be posted here.

You must work alone and will be given up to 20 hours in class to complete the work set. This is 8 weeks work.  The assignment is worth 45 marks which comprises 30% of the full GCSE award.

In the research stage, a low level of control is required, which means that you can undertake this part of the process without direct teacher supervision and outside the school as required. You are also able to work in collaboration during this stage. However, when producing you final piece of work, you must complete all work individually.


You must follow  certain procedures in your assessment tasks.
• Tables, graphs and spreadsheets may be produced using appropriate ICT. These should be
inserted into the report at the appropriate place.
• Any copied material must be suitably acknowledged.
• Quotations must be clearly marked and a reference provided wherever possible.
• Work submitted for moderation or marking must be marked with the:
– centre number; = 23138
– centre name; = Brookfield Community School
– candidate number;
– candidate name;
– unit code and title; = A452: Current trends in computing
– assignment title. =

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