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The language learning needs of young children who are learning English as an Additional Language (EAL) are sometimes overlooked because it is assumed that young children will ‘pick up’ English naturally and very quickly. 

Whilst the language rich environment of settings often supports the EAL development of young bilingual children,  practitioners (both monolingual and bilingual) have a huge role to play in helping children develop their first  additional and first language skills, both of which are hugely important in their development . This section includes guidance for practicitioners on these issues.  

Extensive further information can be found at 

Parents play a hugely signficant role in children's development. For some years Equality Services has been running a very successful Parental Engagement Project (PEP) which many bilingual parents have welcomed.  

"Before coming here I did not know that I can teach my child through play. I have also learned to answer my children's questions with patience" 

" Now I talk with my kids in Hindi and also try to teach them through play" 

"I know how the education system works here" 

"Before I went to meet the teachers but never said anything. Now I can ask them questions"

If you would like the PEP in your setting or school, please contact us.
If you have children from many different language backgrounds in your setting, why not download the useful translated 'Talk to your toddler' and 'Talk to your pre-school child' to have to share with parents.


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