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The Behaviour & Attendance National Strategies SEAL materials can be found on the TeachFind website. In addition, many of the SEAL materials can be downloaded from this page.

SEAL in PSHE Education
The National Strategies SEAL materials can be found organised by year group and theme on the left of this page. These SEAL materials can still be used to deliver aspects of PSHE Education. Use the overview grids to identify outcomes and activities that support the development of social and emotional aspects of learning. Materials are also available to support the teaching of Mental and Emotional Health and Wellbeing.
SEAL Focus Group / Small Group Work
This folder contains guidance and materials to support the delivery of targeted small group / focus group work in secondary schools.
Attendance Small Group Work
This is a SEAL based programme to use with targeted students to improve attendance.
PLTS / SEAL Example Levels
These grids may support assessment of learning in PSHE.

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