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Pluto's North Pole

Welcome to the Calthorpe Park School Astronomy Club (aka Space Club) website!
We meet on Friday lunchtimes in room 35 to talk about stars, planets and science, fact or fiction. The aim of the club is to share information, learn from others and get excited about space. If you can't make the club meetings you will be able to follow the main topics on a powerpoint available on the left hand side of the homepage, our resources area. Please explore this and the other resources available on this site and share our excitement about space!

This week we are all talking about the successful New Horizons probe which has been travelled 3 billion miles since 2006, (a year before the first iphones were launched) and has started to send back some wonderful images and data. See the News section for more images.

See the Photo Gallery for the photography competition winners! 

Interesting Websites:
Astronomical Picture of the Day - Each day, a new space-related picture is uploaded to the website, along with a description from a professional astronomer.

Zooniverse - A website utilizing citizen science where anyone can identify planets, classify galaxies, monitor the moon and much more!

NASA - Visit the amazing NASA website, read the blog updates, look at the amazing picture of the day, and view the awesome NASA calender, where you can look what will happen in space!

Astronomy magazine - All the latest news and info about astronomy, equipment, scientific discoveries and fascinating revelations.

"Another day, another ball of fire rising in the sky."
from the narration to "The Naked City"


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 Latest News

New Horizons mission is a success!
Mr Schlieben
16 July 2015

First photos of Ceres
Mr Schlieben
12 March 2015

Falcon mission crash lands.
Mr Schlieben
12 January 2015

Star-Gaze Down Under
Mr Schlieben
19 November 2014

Star-Hopping guide.
Mr Schlieben
17 November 2014