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Welcome to Astronomy Club!

Hello and welcome to the Calthorpe Astronomy Club Homepage! We hope we can get more people to join our amazing club; we accept all new members! Just come along to IT2 on Mondays, 12:40-1:15. We look at the Astronomical picture of the day, and discuss Astronomy.

Interesting Websites:

Astronomical Picture of the Day - Each day, a new space-related picture is uploaded to the website, along with a description from a professional astronomer.

Zooniverse - A website utilizing citizen science where anyone can identify planets, classify galaxies, monitor the moon and much more!

Kids Astronomy - Games, facts and recent news, this website is designed for easy use and teaching children about astronomy.

NASA - Visit the amazing NASA website, read the blog updates, look at the amazing picture of the day, and view the awesome NASA calender, where you can look what will happen in space!

Astronomy magazine - All the latest news and info about astronomy, equipment, scientific discoveries and fascinating revelations.

Tonight's Sky - See what's happening in the heavens - this very same day. Daily updates on constellations, planets and other objects in the night sky.

BBC Stargazing programme - A very interesting show, check out the website!

Click here for an AMAZING video of the Earth!

"Another day, another ball of fire rising in the sky."
from the narration to "The Naked City"


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