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School Uniform


Compulsory uniform for all students is as follows:


·         Navy Blazer with school logo

·         School Tie (clip on)

·         White shirt or blouse

·         Full length black trousers or skirt (knee length or longer). Shorts may be worn in the summer, provided they are plain black, knee length and tailored. 

·         Polishable black shoes (boots, open sandals, canvas shoes, or trainers of any kind are not to be worn as uniform)


Optional items for students are as follows:


·         Navy V Neck Jumper with school logo


Important notes for your attention


·         No coloured tops or jumpers (other than the school jumper) are to be worn as uniform, even underneath shirts

·         No Lycra materials, no casual wear, no jogging trousers or jean style trousers

·         Jewellery – no wearing of large or excessive amounts of jewellery, i.e. more than one finger ring, 1 small stud in each ear (not stretchers) and 1 bracelet.  No facial piercings are allowed of any kind, including the nose.

·         All outdoor coats must be of a fastenable variety. “Pull over the head” hoodies or sweatshirts will not be allowed in school. They must be worn over the blazer outside of school only.  

·         In some activities, e.g. PE, Design Technology, all jewellery is required to be removed for safety reasons.

·         Make-up is not to be worn by students in years 7,8 and 9. “Light make-up is allowed in Years 10 and 11.
·         The wearing of skinny trousers (including those with zipped pockets), leggings or jersey trousers are not permitted.



Any form of tattooing is strictly forbidden. This is a criminal offence as laid down under the “Tattooing of Minors Act 1969”.
For Physical Education:


Boys and Girls

  • Multi-Sports Tops
  • Sports T-Shirt
  • Navy Sport Shorts
  • Navy Sports Socks

The above items can be purchased online from the SJLHS website with a link to Screens website