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             Personal Tutors        

Each member of the Sixth Form is allocated to a tutor group which includes both Year 12 and Year 13 students.  Tutors meet with their students every morning; providing invaluable, consistent pastoral support.  A student's tutor should be their first port of call should they have any concerns or questions; they will be able to direct them to the most appropriate source of support.  It is vital that students attend all morning sessions and build an effective working relationship with their tutor; they are the members of staff who will provide references for university and job applications.  As part of the morning registration cycle students also have regular weekly assemblies where important notices are given out and where students are kept informed of the events affecting Sixth Form students.

The Sixth Form Team

We find that Sixth Form students can experience a wealth of issues during their time with us, ranging from relationship issues to family problems to academic concerns to health issues, and our experienced team of staff are on hand to provide support to students.  The Sixth Form team are located in the Sixth Form Office which maintains an open door policy. Students are actively encouraged to 'touch base' with the office on a regular basis and this is another source of support; both pastorally and academically.

Communicating with students

We have worked hard to develop our lines of communication with students and now have the following procedures in place:


·          Go4Schools - this is an online facility where students are able to check their academic progress.  It can be accessed both at home and at school and gives student information on their target grades, their current progress, homework grades and reports.  Parents are also able to access this information if they provide an up to date email address to the school.


·          Email - we have found this to be an incredibly efficient way of communicating with our students who are actively encouraged to check their emails on a regular basis.


·          Tutor time and assemblies.


·          Noticeboards - we have a whiteboard for day to day / urgent notices and other boards for information on a variety of topics e.g. university open days.