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      Routes into Sixth Form   

In order to enrol onto Level 3 courses, students must have achieved 5 A* - C grades at GCSE level across 4 different subject areas. It is preferable for 2 of these subjects to be English Language and Mathematics. Students applying for a Level 2 pathway will be considered on an individual basis.
Level 3 Pathways
A Levels
BTECs/Cambridge Technicals/Applied General
These are courses studied over 2 years, and involve completing an AS Level at the end of Year 12 (see notes on A Level Reform). Assessment can be examination or coursework based. A Levels are offered in a wide range of subjects as outlined on the following pages. In some subjects, students can choose to take a ‘double’ A Level worth the equivalent of 2 subjects and therefore specialise more in one area.
These are vocational qualifications in which students develop deep, specialist, practical skills and understanding.
We offer these at Level 2 (ICT) and Level 3.
Level 2 Pathways



Level 2


This Diploma course is focused on coursework that enhances learning about employability and prepares students for the world of work; developing the skills that employers are looking for and supporting students in developing their self-confidence. A key component of the WorkSkills Diploma is work experience which enables students to get an idea of a real life working environment.



Students following this pathway are often those who have just missed out on meeting our entry criteria to study level 3 and who want to use this as a ‘bridging’ year towards achieving that goal. Students will all study GCSE Psychology and an ICT Level 2 Cambridge Technicals course alongside (where appropriate) resits in GCSE English and/or Mathematics. Students will also be expected to complete the Higher Project Qualification in order to demonstrate their suitability for progressing to Level 3 study.



A Level Reform

From September 2016, further A Level subjects will move to a linear format. At SJLHS this means that students will take the AS Level (one year) course; sitting AS Level examinations at the end of Year 12. Students who wish to progress on to the A Level course must achieve a pass at AS Level. Please note that AS Level examinations WILL NOT count towards the A Level qualification. Subjects that have moved to a linear format to begin in September 2015 are: Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English Language, English Literature, History, Photography, Physics, Psychology and Sociology. Subjects that will move to a linear format to begin in September 2016 are: Geography, French, Spanish, Music, Physical Education, and Religious Studies.