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Brighton & Hove City Council produces a range of guidance, advice and resources for schools to support them in developing whole school approaches to anti-bullying and these can be found on the anti-bullying, equality and PSHE education pages of Pier2Peer. If you would like consultancy or training support, or help in finding the resources you need please email

Please find below links to key national guidance and advice documents and other useful websites to inform the development of anti-bullying work.

National Guidance and helpful documents:

Preventing and tackling bullying; Advice for Headteachers, Staff and Governing Bodies DfE

Supporting children and young people who are bullied: Advice for schools and Cyberbullying: Advice for Head teachers and school staff DfE

No Place for Bullying, Ofsted Report 2012

Exploring the schools actions to prevent homophobic bullying, Ofsted

Church of England Guidance on challenging homophobic bullying, 2014

Safe to Learn is no longer government guidance but practitioners may still find these resources now hosted on the Anti-Bullying Alliance website useful.

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