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Year 13 Chemistry

In year 13 the course builds on some concepts met in AS through the module Rings, Polymers and Analysis which is worth 15% of the final A2 mark.

Organic chemistry covers all carbon based compounds and the module concentrates on Benzene compounds, Carbonyl compounds, Esters and Carboxylic acids as well as Polymers and modern spectroscopic techniques such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR).

The second module is Equilibrium, Energetics and Elements and is worth 25% of the A level. It covers Lattice enthalpies, Entropy and Free energy of chemical systems, the chemistry of the transition metals, and the chemistry of reversible reactions and the equilibria which establish.

The coursework mark (10% of overall mark) is taken from a series of assessed practicals covering Qualitative Quantitative and Evaluative skills.


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