... > Key Stages 1 and 2
KS2 Maths, Travel & Eco Project
(Data Handling about Travelling to School
& Making Travel Plans
to improve the local environment) 
KS2 Writing Project
(Information & Persuasive Writing about
local places as part of a By-Children/For-Children
Tourist Guide to Suffolk)
KS1 English & Maths Project
(Invite Benny Bear to your school &
share his learning with his Mum
 through his Learning Journal)


If you would like to join either of these projects, please contact either
Sally.Wilkinson@Suffolk.Gov.Uk (Lead Primary Curriculum Adviser, Suffolk County Council)
or  Fiona.AubreySmith@UniServity.Com (Head of Educational Development, UniServity)
for Support & Training Visits to help you with these projects (including Team-Teaching) please contact
Keith.Jenkins@UniServity.Com (Account Manager, UniServity)
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