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We are the Robins.
We are 25 Year 1 and Year 2 pupils and our teachers are
Mrs Driver, Mrs Yarnold, and Mrs Fletcher.
We called this week our 'One World Week'.  In our class we found out all about the Hindu festival of Diwali.  It is also called a festival of light.  Here we are with our Diva lamps which we made ourselves. 
Take a look by pressing the play button.
This is the celebration dance for Diwali.  When their hands are cupped they are 'carrying' a Diva lamp.  Robins Class learnt the dance in One World Week with an expert in classical Indian dance. 
Press the play button.  Please be patient.
In October Robins Class visited Acton Scott Historic Farm Museum.  Watch the film show to find out all about our visit.
The children have written the text on the film with just a little help.
Please excuse some of the interesting spellings!
Find out what we are learning about this term!!

We are learning about the life of Florence Nightingale and why she became famous.
This is a photograph of her in her uniform.
In this picture Florence Nightingale is walking around the hospital checking on all the soldiers. She is carring a lamp to find her way.

Poeple had to guess what kind of lamp Florence Nightingale carried because they had no way of finding out which one she used. We know she carried this kind around her hospital.
Click on Florence Nightingale to go to the BBC website and learn more about her.
Listen to Florence Nightingale speaking.  This was recorded 120 years ago!
This is the video showing our Autumn Forest School sessions.
Why not have a look to see the  type of activities Robins class got up to!
Robins Class 2009-2010

Here are the aliens!
This is the cast of our Christmas play. The play was called Christmas with the Aliens!

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