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Brookfield Community School: Our Vision

Brookfield aims to be a school where commitment, participation, involvement and achievement are at the heart of everything we do.

A school where learning and teaching are the heart of everything we do. Where there is a high level of challenge in classrooms, but where there is still room for laughter and for fun. Where teachers seek to innovate and ideas are welcomed as the natural currency of learning. A school where people are passionate about learning.

A school where there is clarity of purpose. Where students know what their objectives are and all positive pursuits of those objectives are rewarded - be they high levels of attendance, positive behaviour, effort or attainment.

A school that knows what each student is capable of and seeks to ensure that every student has the opportunity to enjoy achievement. Where information regarding student progress is shared regularly with learners and with parents. Where students are encouraged to be responsible for their own progress.

A school that is in the heart of its community and aims to communicate positively and directly with it. A school that recognises that in all policies and procedures, simplicity is a virtue.

A school that recognises mistakes as part of a learning process - a school where everyone has the desire to succeed but the courage to fail, and praise and encouragement are the natural currency between staff and students, students and their peers and staff and their colleagues.

A school where students value and support each other, and regularly join together to help others. Where students are encouraged to make a positive contribution to their community.

A school that is alive with creativity - sport, art, drama, music and song, language, experimentation, understanding, empathy, warmth and fun. A school that promotes the health and well being of all and the development of the whole person.

This vision underpins all our strategic planning, both short and longer term.

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