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Welcome to the Government and Politics Homepage
Politics is relevant to everybody; our decisions and actions are guided by the political sphere in which we live.  Strange then that many people in the UK know relatively little about the Political system that influences their lives to such an extent.  Government and Politics gives students a better understanding of the world around them and develops the skills needed to offer a balanced, critical insight into current affairs.     
Key Teaching and Learning Aims
  • To stimulate students' interest in politics and current affairs by delivering a clear, engaging and dynamic curriculum
  • To enable students to develop a high level of critical thinking skills and be able to interpret, evaluate and comment on the modern political system
  • To ease the transition of students to work or university by encouraging students to take responsibility for their own learning 
Trips and activites
  • The Government and Politics department is running two trips in 2010-2011, an AS trip to The Houses of Parliament and an A2 trip to Berlin.
  • The AS Politics students ran the whole school election in 2009-2010.  For this the students lead the electioneering for a given political party and as such gave assemblies, debated with other candidates and ran poster campaigns to secure their vote. 
Is Government and Politics for me?
Government and Politics will generally be a new subject to all those students who choose to take it at AS level.  Although it may appear risky to take a new subject at this stage it is usually found that students engage with the curriculum quickly and thoroughly enjoy the course.  A high percentage of the Politics cohort go on to further their study of the subject at degree level.  However, Government and Politics is not for everyone.  To do well at Government and Politics you must be passionate about the subject, you will be expected to read a broadsheet newspaper every day and you will have to work hard away from the classroom.  Exams are all in essay form and therefore a good level of written English is very useful.  It is not easy but it rewards those who really care!  For more information e-mail Mr Schofield at or Mr Watts at .
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