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EMAS - Ethnic Minority Achievement Service  

EMAS is a local authority service for schools and pre-school settings, to support the achievement of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) children and young people, particularly those who speak English as an Additional Language (EAL).

EMAS aims to work with schools and settings to: 

  • provide a welcoming environment where children, young people and families from BME/EAL backgrounds feel secure, safe, and have a sense of belonging
  • recognise bilingualism as an asset, with a continuing role to play in identity and learning
  • narrow achievement gaps for children and young people from BME/EAL backgrounds
  • build capacity within schools /settings to ensure needs of BME/ EAL pupils are met appropriately and effectively

EMAS staff work at both primary and secondary phase, directly working with targeted pupils and providing advice, guidance and training to schools.

EMAS has an active Early Years service, supporting pre-schoolers and their families and providing advice, training and guidance for practitioners.

The EMAS team of specialist EAL teachers, teaching assistants, bilingual assistants and home school liaison officers are from many different linguistic, cultural and religious backgrounds, with over 20 languages spoken.

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