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For most schools it is time to think about the end of year rollover and planning for next year’s intake of new pupils. Depending on how you use the cLc and in particular how you provision your pupil users there are a few considerations to take note of. The link to the document below looks at the main scenarios for each dataset, what you will need to do, and what the corresponding outcomes will be.

Requesting Rollover of your cLc Users
All cLc Managers have access to a Rollover User tool that will enable you to:
- Request an end of academic year rollover of cLc Pupil/Student users (eg. from Year 7 to Year 8)
- View a status report displaying the progress of rollover
This feature is available in the 'User Manager' component within the bottom right hand side of your Control Panel - as shown above. 
UniServity recommend that you place your request for this to commence before the start of your new academic year.

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