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Our Curriculum


We believe that learning should be fun, and for every child to do the very best that they can. We provide a broad and balanced curriculum placing great importance on children learning the crucial skills of reading, writing and using numbers with confidence. We wish to challenge all children to enjoy learning through exciting topics and special events making the curriculum come alive in a creative and motivating way. Each child is unique and our highly skilled staff, teach children to enquire and investigate and to delight in sharing their learning with others.


ICT plays an increasingly important part in modern life. Our provision of computers is very good and we offer a superb range of ICT facilities. Learning and teaching are enhanced by interactive whiteboards in every classroom and our dedicated ICT suite is used by children from their earliest days in school. We also have our own cookery room which children throughout the school use.


Our school hall is used for class PE lessons and also for a wide range of after school activities. Children have hot school dinners and packed lunches here. Cooked meals are brought to the school from Stamshaw Junior School.


Our outdoor playground is colourfully marked with games and activities and includes an adventure play area which is soft surfaced, a fenced Early Years play area with low level outdoor adventure equipment and a quiet garden area with themed seating. We encourage as much use of the outdoor area as possible as this encourages all children to learn the skills of sharing, teamwork and socialising.


Pupils thoroughly enjoy school. They particularly enjoy the wide range of sport’s activities, provided as an extremely well enriched curriculum. (Ofsted 2008)

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