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Eco-schools Logo Competition - 27 March 2015 - Mr Durkan


Found - Phone and memory stick - 27 March 2015 - Mrs Evans

Items handed into Reception
Silver scan disk memory stick
Navy Blue Glasses case 

YR 11 GCSE PE - 27 March 2015 - Mrs Edwards

Good Morning,

Yr 11 GCSE PE Moderation Day

Yr 11 GCSE PE students, please remember we have our moderation day this Tuesday 31st March 2015. You need to be in the sports hall by 8.15am at the latest, with plenty of refreshments and your circuit training paper work. There will be an extra netball practice on Monday after school for those being assessed as a performer and/or official in netball. Please make use of that extra time to make sure that you are ready for the big day. Please see me if you have any issues or concerns before the big day.
Good luck!!
Mrs B.J.Edwards

Various Reminders - 26 March 2015 - Ms Lonsdale

Applications for the 8 Senior Student Leadership Team Positions

Congratulations again to all our new year 10 prefects! This is to remind you that if you are intending to apply for one of the Head Girl or Head Boy positions, your letter of application needs to be in tomorrow (Friday). Please make sure that your letter is handed in to Ms Hooper or Mr Amos. Interviews for short-listed candidates will take place on Monday morning which means that you must meet the Friday deadline.

Student Teacher Staff room event Friday.

A huge thank you to all our brilliant student teachers  who took the opportunity to swap with a teacher last Friday. You delivered some truly excellent teaching. You will be receiving a personal invitation to come to the hall at break tomorrow for some light refreshments. You are invited to leave period 2 tomorrow 5 minutes early - please show your teacher the invitation and we look forward to seeing you in the hall at 10.40.

Year 7 and 8

Please remember that you have been designated a quieter social area on the Spinney, near the Muga, at break and lunch time - it is your priority area, please do make use of it.

Thank you

Ms Lonsdale



Entrants are invited to send poems about summer of no more than 30 lines as follows:


Age 11: write about what summer means to you.


Age group 12-16: write about your experiences of summer: travel, staying at home, exams or simply the feelings, impressions or sensory details it evokes.


Each of the categories offers prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners and a framed certificate. 


Deadline for entries is 31st March, 2015 please pass these to Miss Lacy in T2 so I can send them off.
Winners will be informed by 12th of June. 


Please see me for more information or a flyer.
Good luck and I look forward to your entries!
Miss Lacy.