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Fairlight Primary School

Fairlight Primary School – Case Study 

C. Parker

Last January we decided to try and mix the theory behind Numbers Count and my own knowledge of the maths curriculum throughout the primary phase in order to target underperforming Year 6 children.  

We started early and in January 2012 we targeted those who hadn’t made the expected progress from KS1. We assessed the children carefully, as we do in NC, and wrote specifically tailored programmes; we made the sessions fun, enjoyable and practical; we worked intensely in daily 1-1 sessions, all as we do in NC. We worked closely as a team and once I had identified specific issues for certain students, Year 6 teachers would follow these up in mainstream class interventions. 

The teachers took ideas from Number Count sessions – e.g. using the Numicon when teaching decimals, making sure resources were always available, taking on fresh ideas about teaching place value and division and as a team we worked hard for 5 months.

The results were fantastic.  The children themselves were motivated and engaged, to a level never before seen. 

This was a massive achievement for our school.  We are now going to try and do something similar each year to support Year 6 as well as Year 2.

Progress in Maths in 2012 gave us a Value Added score of 102.8. This puts Fairlight in the top 2% of schools Nationally for progress from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2.

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