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Numbers count at Somerhill

Numbers count has been taking place at Somerhill since February 2012, just over a year. We have also been running 1st class at number and more recently first class at number 2.
So far 7 children have completed the Numbers count intervention with good progress made in all cases. On average the children complete the programme in 3 months and made 19 months progress during this time. For example a year 3 child was assessed at the beginning of the intervention using the Sandwell early numeracy test as a P8 and on completion was assessed as a 2c making 4 sub-levels or 21 months progress in number age.

I believe that the intervention has been successful for a number of key reasons. Firstly the involvement of parents has been effective. My role means that I can have regular contact with parents about specific aspects of their child’s learning. They are invited in to observe sessions and then given specific information about things that they can do at home to support their children. I am regularly able to talk to parents informally during parents’ evenings and at the end of the school day.
Additionally I work closely with class teachers to feedback about what is happening in numbers count sessions. Each child has an individual learning plan and much of this information is shared with class teachers so that they are aware of the child’s targets. At the end of the intervention I work with the child in class to support them in transferring how they work in numbers count lessons back into the classroom.

The SLT, SENCO and my link teacher are fully supportive of the numbers count intervention and I have been able to hold several staff meetings about numbers count so that all staff are fully aware of the role I play in the school. Children are always able to be taken out of class and this means sessions are never missed. Children see me regularly, 4 x per week for 30 minutes in a dedicated numbers count area. This is an area with visual maths displays and resources that the children use in all the sessions.

Children are carefully selected through discussion with the SENCO and by using the schools pupil tracking systems. I am also able to track the children carefully after completion of the intervention to ensure that they continue to make progress.

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