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Benfield Primary School Case Study

K joined Benfield in Year 3 in September 2011.  She was identified by her class teacher as underachieving in both mathematics and literacy.  I tested K at the beginning of the Summer Term 2012 where at the age of 7 years 9 months she scored a Number Age of 5 years 6 months and an estimated National Curriculum Level of 1C. 

K is a lively and enthusiastic girl and at this stage she was so keen to please that she would give the first answer that came into her head without thinking it through.  K had exactly 40 Numbers Count sessions during the term, where her teacher concentrated on getting her to really stop and think, use appropriate resources to help her and take time before giving an answer.  When she was tested by the Link Teacher at the end of the programme, K was now only three months below her chronological number age and was working at Level 2C.

By the following Christmas K was achieving Level 2B and by the end of the Spring Term she had moved up to Level 3C.  K is a perfect example of how accelerated progress in mathematics made in the Numbers Count programme can be the springboard for achieving as well as one’s peers back in the class room.

S James

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