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Success of Numbers Count at Saltdean Primary School

I started training as a Numbers Count teacher in January 2011 and gained my accreditation in 2012. At the beginning of my training I had no room of my own to teach. I was fortunate that my Head teacher worked very quickly to convert a cloakroom into a cosy Numbers Count room and allowed me to invest a considerable amount of money resourcing the room. I have been fortunate to have the support of the Head teacher, Maths Co-ordinator, Year 2 teachers and Year 2 TA's.

I am now working with my fourth group of four children from Year 2. All the children have been selected through discussions with all the adults I have mentioned and the school's SENCO.

Although there have been one or two children who did not make the progress that I would have hoped for, there were many successes.

Child A was born in July, a female and SEN status School Action. She completed 40 lessons. On her Sandwell A test, she achieved a 1B and when she was tested at the end of the programme she achieved a level 2C and had made 11 months progress in number age. Both her parents came to observe lessons and realised the difference in her enthusiasm was mainly due to the Numbers Count approach. They both commented how their daughter was much more relaxed in her approach to maths.

Child B a Spring born male. He achieved a 1C on his entry Sandwell test and exited on a 2C. He made 13 months progress in number age. The most pleasing aspect was not just the good progress but the change in attitude. He started the programme very reluctantly but by the end of 40 lessons was thoroughly enjoying every lesson. His teacher commented on how much happier and confident he was in class. I received a lovely letter from his parents thanking me and commenting on how much his attitude and ability had improved.

Child C was a Summer born female. Her SEN status was School Action. When I first observed her in class she was very self conscious and was resorting to copying other children's work rather than ask for help. On her entry Sandwell test she achieved a 1C and although she exited on a 1B, making 10 months progress, her change in attitude was huge and she was working far more confidently in class. At the end of KS1 she achieved a 2C.

My biggest success was with child D. Another Summer born female. Her SEN status was School Action. Child D entered on a 1C and after 40 lessons exited on a 2C, gaining 17 months progress in number age. Considering she suffered from Tourette Syndrome and found it very difficult to remain focused for any length of time, this was an excellent result. Both her parents came to observe lessons and were amazed at the level of concentration that she was able to maintain throughout the lesson.

I have learnt so much since I started my training and continue to learn something new every day. Although I have felt very disappointed when a child has not made the progress I was expecting, there has always been reasons for this. However the successes have been very rewarding and I am sure can be attributed to careful selection of children, good support from class teachers, TA's, maths co-ordinator, Head Teacher and parents.

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